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Blocked Drains

How Drain Cameras Work.

Our cameras are able to go inside the blocked pipe allowing us to see what's going on. The camera at the end of the line has a built-in light that illuminates the inside of your sewer drains.  The compact camera broadcasts a live action video back to a small television monitor that allows our technicians (and the home or business owner) to view exactly what the inside of the pipes look like down to the smallest detail.

Many home and business owners who have never actually seen the inside of their sewer drain pipes are very interested and surprised at what they look like when viewed with our drain video camera. You often think the inside of your drain pipe is clear of obstructions, so it's shocking to see the amount of buildup and blockages that accumulate over the years from grease or from foreign objects getting stuck and causing a blockage.

The sewer drain video inspecting cameras can help us identify clogs and blockages that include grease, oil, tree roots, dirt, cracks, breaks, rust scaling and buildup, and can even let us identify the material makeup of a pipe all the way out to the street where it connects with the city sewer main line. The number of things our video inspecting camera allows us to discern about your sewer pipes can be truly amazing!

Below - Drain completely blocked by tree roots.

Why Drain Cameras Save Money.

Aside from how interesting it can be to look at the inside of you home or business’s sewer pipes are, the real benefit that comes from the drain video camera inspection is the fact that it can save you serious money from not having to excavate or dig up your pipes. Since we are able to locate exactly where the problem is, we won’t have to dig up or damage any more of your basement floor or yard than is necessary to take care of the problem.

Often, though, a drain clog or blockage that we’ve identified with our video camera can be taken care of without any excavation at all, and simply snaking or high power pressure washing your line will solve the problem and have your water running smoothly again.

Below - 6 Ft. tree root removed from blocked drain.

Massive Tree Root Removed from Drain